This is the product that you will have more of on your property than any other. With that in mind windows are a great point to set the tone for your property and maximise the light coming in.

At GX Home Improvements we offer a wide variety of window formats. Whether you are looking to achieve a traditional finish with UPVC, a heritage effect with Timber, or a contemporary feel with Aluminium, we will be able to help you find the right solution.


UPVC windows are ideal if you are looking to have a traditional finish and also come with the added benefit of being the most cost effective option on the market. UPVC windows account for almost 90% of the replacement window market in the U.K.

These windows can come in a variety of colours and effects. Each window has a standard range of colours. Meanwhile flat and woodgrain effects help to personalise your product.

There are lots of different options for UPVC windows including the below;

Standard casement – Thermally efficient windows, with u values of as low as 0.8 W/m2K with triple glazing. Standard casement windows have 2 different styles chamfered or sculptured, the bead sash and frame can be customized to your preferences. This option would not vary the price.

Flush casement – Timeless look of timber windows with the durability, low maintenance level and cost of UPVC, woodgrain options allow for a much more seamless finish. Available in a range of colours. These windows suit both cottages and new builds. Please come into our showroom to get a brochure.

Residence windows – R9 is 100mm in depth with 9 chambers of UPVC, to match the depth of traditional timber windows. R7 is the only UPVC window to offer a twin flush effect, creating a contemporary aesthetic.

Vertical sliding sash windows – UPVC vertical sliding windows are a great alternative to the Timber options usually installed. We can supply standard welded profile, or fully mechanically jointed windows from the Roseview range. These options vary in price.


Seen as the most contemporary choice between all three window formats, Aluminium windows offer unparalleled sightlines which help to increase the glazing size and light entering your property. 

They are the most modern window option and make for a real statement on a property.

Flush Sash - A more contemporary option where the opening sash is in line with the outer frame.

Aluminium windows can change the look of your home, if you opt for a flush casement window this will look very contemporary, or chose the heritage option with timber subframes to give a crittall style effect. On some premium aluminium products we are able to offer a 20 year product guarantee.

Origin Global’s OW80 is a twin flush affect creating a sleek look, OW70 slimline window is flush externally and stepped internally.

Alitherm 47 windows give a crittall style effect, with a stepped frame. These windows have the slimmest sightlines we can offer. This can be installed into a timber subframe to give a heritage look, or when installed directly into brickwork this gives a modern and slimline look. 

Aluminium products come in a set of standard colours, including Black, White and Anthracite grey (RAL7016M), however we can offer up to 150 RAL colours allowing you to customize the windows, for example the Origin OB49 French door we have in our showroom is in the colour Window Grey RAL7040M.


Timber windows provide a traditional look, they comply with all conservation area regulations. This option allows us to match to existing windows, or to fully customize your window, these windows are painted or stained as standard. 

It is important to note that unlike UPVC and Aluminium, Timber windows require regular maintenance owing to the fact that they are a natural material. This maintenance must be adhered to in order to ensure the integrity of the product.

Timber windows are broadly speaking broken down into two categories;

Casement - The standard Timber option where the opening sash sits away from the outer frame

Flush Sash - A more contemporary option where the opening sash is in line with the outer frame