This is the area that will allow you to be most creative. Doors can be the opportunity to make a statement and to create a feature to showcase your new installation or to blend them in.

Whether you are in the market for a new Front Door, a set of aluminium Bi-Folding Doors, new Patio Sliding Doors, or Single Doors and French Doors, GX Home Improvements has a track record of helping customers find the right solution.

We can work with your builder to get the finished floor levels as flush with our door thresholds as possible.

Front Doors

Front Doors can be the most personal product in any installation. More so than any other product there is room for creativity and personalisation. As a company we are delighted to offer three options for your new Front Door.

For the perfect balance of tradition and low maintenance we have our Composite Front Doors. If you are looking for a contemporary option we offer Aluminium Front Doors, by Origin Global. Where heritage and authenticity are your primary goals, we have solid Timber Front Doors.

Each Front Door format comes with its own unique positives;

Composite Front Doors - Keep the visuals of a Timber Front Door more cost effectively

Aluminium Front Doors - Sleek and modern, these doors are the contemporary premium choice

Timber Front Doors - The best option when an authentic wooden door is the number one priority

Endurance Composite Front Doors – Low maintenance doors with 17 layers of Engineered timber, with a large range of styles and colours.

Smarts Designer Aluminium Front Doors – Sleek doors that help with noise reduction, with low maintenance aspects.

Burl and Bow Timber Front Doors – Insulated timber doors with the ability for full customization. We can also offer all RAL colours or Farrow and Ball colours. These doors can be manufactured to match any door you may have seen in brochures or online, to give you as much versatility as possible.

Bi-Folding Doors

Bi-Folding doors can make a real statement on a property and act as a feature to the rear or side elevations, where they are usually situated. In years gone by Patio Sliding Doors were the only format in this area, fast forward to the present and Bi-Folding Doors provide a great alternative. Bi-Folding doors have become an increasingly popular choice as a way of achieving open and airy feel and making the most of your living space.

The team at GX Home Improvements can help guide you through the process of deciding which format is ideal for you.

Bi-Folding Doors have the benefit that the entire aperture can be used when they are open, with Patio Sliding Doors you have less sightlines when they are closed. We do not offer UPVC bifolds as they expand and contract too much and this has long lasting affects on the doors. With aluminium bifolds, you’re getting high quality parts that are made to last. With Bifold doors you are able to utilize the whole opening when the doors are fully open as well as still having the option to just use one of the doors at a time.  Bi-Folding doors have become an increasingly popular choice as a way of achieving open and airy feel and making the most of your living space.

Patio Sliding Doors

Aluminium Sliding doors allow you to have much slimmer sightlines (or mullions) meaning you get more glass giving a much more impressive look. We offer both UPVC or aluminium options for sliding doors. Aluminium sliding doors can get a mullion as small as 30mm, and in some cases 20mm, with UPVC the mullions are 70mm.

Aluminium doors offer up to 150 RAL colours, for example this OS29 Sliding door combination we installed was in the colour Telegrey, RAL7046M. 

Reynaers CP130 lift and slide doors are a perfect option to use when trying to maximise the glass area, with a 2 pane door reaching up to 4.8M! Despite the door sashes carrying glass of up to 150kg, the german lift and slide technology enables users to move the doors with ease. The doors can come in any RAL colour, but the stock colours are 7016m anthracite grey, 9005m matt black and 9010 white semi gloss. The CP130 doors can come with mullions as thin as 50mm, and are fitted, as standard with brushed chrome lever cup handles to ensure users can lock the door anywhere along the track they desire. 

All sliding doors come fitted with head packers to house colour coded trickle vents, to ensure they comply with current and future building regulations. 

Single Doors and French Doors

Often these doors will be chosen to blend in with either the windows on a property or a feature like Bi-Folding Doors or Patio Sliding Doors. Fortunately we offer each of these products in formats that can suit your project or installation.

Usually the choice between Single Doors and French Doors is based on the size of the aperture available to ensure that the doors on your new product are just the right size. We can help to guide you through the process of selecting the right product and finish to match your needs.

Both of these products come in UPVC, aluminium and timber variants so we can tailor to your exact requirements.

The doors in the image shown are Heritage 47, these are a contemporary take on external Crittal style doors.

Internal Crittall Style Doors

We now offer a contemporary option for internal doors,aluminium internal doors use 6mm toughened glass, in a range of styles.

With configurations of either single doors, french doors, sliding doors, pivot doors or fixed room dividers. We offer Origin's OI30 doors and Smarts Aluspace, and have samples in our showroom of the single doors and of the sliding door options. These doors come in a range of stock colours as well as RAL colours.