Roofline Products

GX Home Improvements has a strong history of using our Roofline products to enhance both the living space on properties and to increase the amount of natural light within.

The scope of our expertise in the area includes, Roof Lanterns and Roof Lights, which can be installed in either a UPVC or aluminium profile. Conservatories and Warm Roofs that can transform your living space and Fascias Soffits and Guttering which, while not glamorous, are essential.

Roof Lanterns and Roof Lights

Whether you have an existing roof lantern or roof light, or are looking to open up space in your ceiling for one, both are excellent ways to increase the amount of natural light entering your property. We can offer aluminium and UPVC varieties of these products to suit your needs.

Stock colours for both include White, Black and Anthracite grey. These are all available with White internally and an alternative colour externally. 

We offer either standard clear glass, or a self clean solar control glass reflects over 60% of the suns rays. This helps prevent the room getting unbearably hot during summer.  This is available with either a neutral or a blue tint. 

The design of our system also vastly reduces frabrication waste, minimising the unnecessary consumption of raw material and help reduce your carbon footprint. This coupled to the high level of energy efficiency built into every prduct helps build towards a greener future for all. 

Atlas offer stock sizes in some of their flat and pitched options, if you have a new openeing we will be able to creat a roof lantern that works for you, at a reduced cost.  


Conservatories serve as a brilliant way to increase the footprint of a property and allow an area where maximum light is afforded in an enclosed environment. We can install both new and replacement conservatories, they are a cost-effective alternative to Warm Roofs.

Since conservatories became popular 20 years ago, there have been many improvements in the systems and materials used to create these living spaces allowing homeowners to use the space more regularly, than just in the summer months. 

Availble in UPVC, Aluminium, or Timber in a range of stock or non- stock colours. With options for different decorative finishing touches. 


Warm Roofs

If you're thinking of replacing an exisiting conservatory or orangery, for a warmer and more efficient option, WarmRoofs are a solid tile roof, the most insulated and robust tiled roof in the UK.

The WarmRoof technology complies with building control, and no need for planning permission when installing as it classes as a replacement roof. It provides the highest level of thermal efficiency, with a U-Value of 0.18, helping to reduce heating bills! We offer options with manual or electric Velux's to still allow light and ventilation through the room. They're plastered internally, and there are a choice of tile options and colours. The guarantee period, dependant on tile options, range from 10 - 25 years. The WarmRoof can be installed onto new or exisiting windows and doors, so no need for extra structural supports are required. 

Fascias, Soffits & Guttering

We offer replacement or new installation of Fascias, Soffits and Guttering in a UPVC profile. These products are more cost effective than other alternatives and can include finishes to simulate the appearance of cast iron and timber amongst other effects.

We can also replace or install cladding onto your home, this comes in a variety of colours and finishes.